Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 gets 7 AM shows and Advance Booking opens on Nov 5

Salman Khan’s much-awaited upcoming movie Tiger 3 will have morning shows, starting at 7 am. Yash Raj Films announced the new update on Wednesday and advance booking will start on November 5.

Tiger 3, the 3rd film of the Tiger film series, will be released on November 12 on Diwali. Fans are very excited to see Salman Khan in the role of Tiger and Emraan Hashmi in the role of villain and understanding this enthusiasm, the makers have announced to start the first show of the film from 7 am. The makers of the film have informed us that the shows of the film will start at 7 am across the country. the first show of the film will start at 7 am, and Advance booking of Tiger 3 will start on Sunday, November 5 in India.

Tiger 3 is releasing in theatres worldwide on 12 November 2023 in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu and Playing in multiple premium formats like IMAX, 4DX, DBOX, ICE, PXL and 4DEmotion.

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